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24 October 2007 @ 04:29 pm
so this place has been inactive, which is my fault in some ways but I think a good way to start it up again would be with fresh incentive.

I have no idea what is happening with the current challenge, but I think only MAYBE 2 people are doing it.

so, instead, or in addition to that, z3nyatta suggested we do a more weekly icontest process, where we have a smaller challenge, like 10 icons, and vote on them.

the way most icontests work is each member submits up to 2 icons on a theme and then all the members anonymously vote on which one should win.

but I do remember people saying it would be better to not compete, so I'm thinking what we could do, is I give you either a theme or some images, and each member makes, say 10 icons. then I post all the icons together, and all the members vote on each member's best icon in their set. this way, everyone gets a banner, and we aren't competing against each other, we are competing against ourselves.

I would post the challenge, then post voting, say, 2 weeks later.

what do you think? I need suggestions on how to reactivate this place. a new challenge didn't work, a co mod didn't work, so maybe this will. tell me :P

here is an example of what the challenge could be like, except with more icons and not all the icons of the same picture:

and here is an example of the voting, with some differences: